Any brand or business that regularly publishes videos on the Internet knows how difficult it can be to get subscribers on YouTube for free, without investing in advertising. However, winning followers is possible with planning the right strategy, and taking into account some useful tips.
There are some tricks and good practices that, implementing them in any digital content strategy, can increase the number of visits and subscribers on YouTube permanently. Do you want to know them? Let’s see it!

 How to get more visits on YouTube?

Before raising the primary objective of winning subscribers in the social network of the video blog par excellence, first, we will have to increase the number of visits to the channel. That is, expand the scope to subsequently focus on building loyalty to the users most related to your brand or business.
So, how to have more reach and visits on YouTube? For it you must apply these simple tips to take into account:

Plan and organise

Logically, the theme of the videos that are published on YouTube should be related to the products or services you offer, but you must be more specific and choose what each video will be about and when it will be published.

“In this sense, establishing a content calendar is essential so as not to lose direction.”

 Choose attractive titles

The title of the videos will be the first thing that users will see, so it should be engaging, interesting, and its content. For it:

  • Write clear, short and concise titles.
  • It is not necessary that you use the word ‘video’ in the title, it would be redundant.
  • Includes related keywords
  • Write the title putting yourself in the user’s place, imagining what you need to know or learn.

Create a sequence of short videos

Keep in mind that if you generated high expectations with a very catchy title, you would have to know how to give those happy pills with the sequencing and the proper order to not lose the interest of the users. Otherwise, what will increase will not be the subscribers of YouTube, but the rate of rebound or abandonment of the channel, as well as the “unlike”.

“It is not enough to offer videos on YouTube that deal with topics that interest the audience, but they must also be provided in small doses (as a “mini-series”) so as not to bore and leave with desire for more.”

 4 Actions to gain subscribers on YouTube

Once the attention of the users has been captured, it is time to build loyalty as subscribers of the channel. In other words, getting the interest for specific content to go further:

  • Generating a link between brand and user.
  • Enabling the latter to subscribe and look forward to the next video.

To get more subscribers on YouTube, you have to:

1) Customise the channel as much as possible

Giving it its personality and projecting a coherent image, the number of subscribers on YouTube will not take long to increase. You have to customise the following elements to achieve it:

  • The picture of the cover.
  • The videos that are displayed prominently on your channel.
  • The thumbnails of the videos.
  • The descriptions.
  • The categories and playlists.

I’ll share a simple trick that will help you get more followers every time you share a video on your social networks and newsletter:

  • Go to your YouTube channel and upload the video you want to promote (do not forget to optimise the video)
  • Generate your link to get subscribers with the generator that I include below.
  • Edit your YouTube channel to highlight the latest video as the main one. As I show you in the image below.

2) Create videos with more than audiovisual quality

To get subscribers on YouTube for free, you should invest time and resources in creating quality videos. The editing process is essential, and it will be what will give the videos that professional touch they need to succeed.

“Your subscribers will not settle for high-resolution videos, but expect a story that makes them feel identified and invites them to generate debate.”

3) Know and interact with the audience

Even if you see your number of subscribers grow on YouTube, do not trust yourself. It is necessary to know them perfectly to anticipate their tastes and expectations. For this, studies and investigations can be carried out, but there is no such direct and effective technique as conversation.
Speak to your followers directly, asking in each video what they think about a specific topic, and conducting surveys in other social networks (for example in Instagram stories ) to find out which upcoming videos they would like to see.

4) Publish frequently and punctually

It will be necessary not to neglect the frequency of publications on YouTube, similar to when we chose the best time to post on Instagram. Most likely, over time, subscribers get used to receive updates from your brand or company because, if not, they may be disappointed.
In the same way, accustoming your subscribers to receive videos on a particular day of the week can serve to increase their fidelity. Of course, make sure you can fulfil it.

5) Disclose calls to action

If you want your followers to take some action, ask them directly in the videos. This will greatly facilitate the process and increase the transparency of your channel.
Some examples of calls to action that work:

  • ‘If you want to know more about this topic, watch this video too.’
  • ‘Subscribe to the channel to not miss any news’.
  • ‘Check the links below this video for more information.’

6) Enhance the YouTube channel from other platforms

Do not forget that video is one of the most successful formats in most social networks, and include them in other content of your blog or corporate website can also help improve their visibility.

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