Email marketing is a strategy that for a long time had a bad reputation. However, things have changed. The results have shown that it is a tool that collaborates, and much, in the acquisition of new clients. Do you want to use it in your favour? Then do not miss this article.  😎 

 Email is part of the daily routine of most people. The reason? Its practicality and scope.

Nowadays we can solve an infinity of things by email, and we can inform ourselves and keep us told about the issues that interest us. Also, you can help us to contact people from our professional and personal environment. Seeing it that way, we ask ourselves, at what point did email marketing become a villain? The answer: at the time when spam emerged.

Spam and bad email marketing practices caused many to lose faith in it. However, its practicality and versatility spoke louder and allowed it to emerge again with more power than before.

Using a database of emails correctly is fundamental for any brand since our best ally can become our worst enemy if it is not handled correctly. On the other hand, if we use it wisely, the results can be shocking and best of all, with a meagre investment.

How to start doing a good job with email marketing?

An excellent job of email marketing does not start shooting emails, and it starts a lot earlier at the moment in which we created our database of emails.

This moment is fundamental for the success of our strategy because only in this way will we reach the right public — an audience that can become a customer.

Moreover, it is in this database that we are going to focus today, and we will understand why it is essential, how to create it and how to feed it. So that in this way we can have the results we expect with this strategy.

How to create a database of emails?

Creating a database is not a difficult task. However, we must follow some rules.

  1. Never buy an email database

This is a fundamental rule, the most important one. Although for many it may seem obvious, some businesses consider this option to start. If what you want is the antipathy of those who still do not know your brand, you can get it this way.

Buying a list of emails, besides being unethical, is negative for any business. Sending an email to someone who has not requested it is something that is going to cause a wrong impression of your company, therefore, do not do it (not even to begin!)

  1. Quantity is not quality

Do not worry if your email list grows slowly, and the important thing is that your email database is formed by people who care about your content. Therefore, make it clear to your subscribers the type of material they will receive by email and do a job on top of that.

If you already have customers, start inviting them to subscribe to your database, this way you will always be in contact with them.

  1. Create forms on your website

If your audience is interested in your content, they will surely want to receive your emails, create subscription forms on your site and invest in this audience.

When creating your forms do not demand much information. Initially, ask for the necessary ones for your objectives. The more information you ask, the less likely they are to subscribe to your website.

  1. Use social networks as allies

We know that social networks are fundamental in any digital marketing campaign. Why not use them to increase your email database?

Link a subscription form on social networks and share it on social networks. It is an excellent way to increase your email list.

  1. You can not only increase your database of emails in the online world

The most favourable environment to expand a list of emails is the internet, do you believe? It depends a lot on your business, but just like on the network, you can get subscribers on a day-to-day basis as well.

If you have a physical space try to capture there also some emails from people interested in your sector. However, remember: quantity is not quality. Therefore it includes in the list who has interest.

Now that you have a database (size does not matter) it’s time to work on it. Moreover, soon you will discover how to do it.

How to feed my database of emails?

Your email list is ready to receive your content, and it is up to you to work it correctly to convert subsequently.

Create intelligent content

Intelligent content is a complete content, in which you deliver information attractively.

It would help if you were clear that the success of an email marketing strategy is based on the content of value for the user. Do not worry about selling, sending promotions, inviting the public to buy, first give it useful content, that conquers it, little by little you will feel more affinity with your brand and will be ready to consume.

Remember that the vast majority of the content you send must be valuable content and not promotional, only in this way you will have good results.

Customise emails

It is essential that the reader feels valued and nothing better to create this feeling that the personalisation of the emails.

Call him by his name, use a conversational, sympathetic tone and give him what he looks for, for this last, it is essential that you segment your list so that you will have better results.

Use a useful tool to send emails

Automation does an incredible job; however, you must choose a tool that works and allows you to do a good job, considering among other things that the emails you send adapt to any device.

It is essential that the tool you choose gives you metrics, only in this way you will be able to know what is working and what you should change.

Be constant

Constancy and frequency are essential to creating a good relationship with your subscribers; therefore, I recommend that you follow an editorial calendar, in this way you can organise and your subscribers will always keep you in mind.

As I told you, a good email marketing strategy can bring excellent results and everything starts by creating a good database of emails and working them correctly, only then you will achieve the effect you are looking for.

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