Appearing in the first search results also matters in social networks, for example. Alternatively, of course, in marketplaces. The SEO TRENDS on YouTube and SEO TRENDS on Amazon takes longer working for several years, and they have been adding social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, which, although organic positioning does not require the same dedication search engine, is also It is necessary to contemplate a series of guidelines to have a relevant presence in the search results.


SEO TRENDS 2019 search engine trends are marked, fundamentally, by the emergence of new search models: voice search and visual search begin to gain ground. The inclusion of Google Assistant and Google Lens on Android devices democratizes other types of searches to the detriment of the use of written words. These changes of a trend are what will define a new way of doing SEO TRENDS. The mobile also already has a significant influence on the strategy of organic positioning, not only when positioning content on this device, but also with SEO TRENDS for apps. Whatever the 2019 SEO TRENDS, what is a fact is that whatever we do must have the mobile as a nerve center.

In any case, among SEO TRENDS 2019 trends we find that many of the positioning actions have to take place in other platforms besides Google. But not only that: next year we will have to bet on new channels and technologies if we want to boost the SEO TRENDS of our website in a remarkable way. It is convenient to detail in which channels we will have to work if we’re going to position ourselves successfully.

Visual search: optimize for image search

The image gains ground in terms of the search element. We have been telling it for a while: the visual search becomes active in a universe that is almost entirely mobile and where the smartphone camera becomes the perfect ally to capture what you want to locate. This is especially relevant in e-commerce. Imagine that we go, for example, to a hotel and we are captivated by any element of the furniture. Just by photographing that product and uploading it to the chosen search platform, we will have the option of locating it and being able to acquire it in a matter of minutes. If we had to perform the search through a textual description, the chances of success would decrease drastically. Therefore, it is clear that visual search will be one of the SEO TRENDS 2019 trends.

However, this is the part of the search and what interests us is the result. For the user to be successful in his visual search, the element to be searched must be positioned in visual search, through specific features such as images optimized in terms of size and type of file, clear photos and made from different perspectives or its inclusion in sitemaps, among others. Image search favors the transaction by shortening the purchase funnel, which reduces cart abandonment rates. Allow users to find a specific product through visual search, thanks to a photograph it shortened the conventional steps of search since the consumer saves having to select by type of article, size, color or a different kind of characteristics, which allows him to arrive before the moment of payment. Giants such as Google or eBay have been working on visual searches for a long time, through the development of image recognition and artificial intelligence technologies.

Voice search: the age of the voice

The world of search is undergoing an unprecedented change. Voice searches are on the rise, and the Internet of Things and virtual assistants favor voice search to go further. The search for voice will be the most important of the SEO TRENDS 2019 trends. In a world in which browsers are no longer essential, and web pages are replaced by a voice interface, it will be necessary to begin to consider an organic positioning that radically breaks with what is known to date. By 2020, at least 50% of searches will be through images or speech, we must be prepared for when that time comes, and 2019 must be the year of the takeoff of voice SEO TRENDS. Do not forget that, today, half of the smartphone users participate in voice searches and one in three does so every day, according to comScore

In this sense, domestic virtual assistants or smart speakers are going to play a decisive role. When their adoption is normalized, the brands will face a change of model and must begin to prepare for it if they want to have the duties done when that moment arrives. Voice SEO TRENDS is going to be one of the critical aspects in the context of the coming revolution because it must gather unique particularities. An intangible interface, the disappearance of the SERP (and, therefore, the struggle to colonize the snippet zero) or the competition of white brands of giants like Amazon, are just some of the big stones that companies will find on the way. In relation to this issue, we recently published a Special titled ” The era of the voice: virtual assistants and voice marketing. ”

SEO TRENDS for apps, a little-known scenario

Another of an essential SEO TRENDS 2019 trends is that which refers to the ASO positioning, that is, those SEO TRENDS tasks that are performed for mobile applications. According to data taken from Deloitte’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey report, 2017, Spaniards have an average of 16 apps installed, with WhatsApp, email, Facebook and Skype being the most used. Apart from them, users have to choose only a handful of other applications among those that respond to their needs and interests. The memory of the phone is not infinite, and being among the best positioned will increase the chances that the user will make a hole in your phone.

The positioning of applications requires hard work. Keep in mind that most apps are discovered in the download channels, so highlighting there when the user performs a search is essential. In the ASO positioning, factors such as the number of downloads, which are found (and maintained) among the trends, the user experience (which will determine the time of use, the frequency or the losses), as well as those factors of the positioning in seekers, among which must be contemplated keywords , qualifications or link building.

Social television to stand out in social networks

Social TV is booming. Not in vain, is one of the trends of social media 2019. Audiovisual content is widely accepted among users of social networks and, according to the aforementioned Deloitte report, 25% of smartphone users watch video through social networks at least once a day. The creation of video content for social networks will help us to maintain a faithful audience and will significantly influence the image and brand reminder. The recent launch of Instagram TV (IGTV) or the increasingly sophisticated proposal of Facebook Watch (with which Facebook hopes to enter the field of video on demand and compete with audiovisual giants such as Netflix or YouTube)

Facebook is encouraging third parties to develop content for their platforms, be it professionals, users or brands. Moreover, this is where social SEO TRENDS comes into play. Wherever there is a search engine, there will be a SERP. Positioning our video content among the first results of social platforms seems logical. Again we find that the visualizations are a fundamental indicator of the rise of the videos in these rankings, as well as the reactions, the shared ones and, of course, the everlasting keywords. Therefore, not only the quality of the content influences, but it is easily found by the user. The positioning in these video platforms is one of an essential SEO TRENDS 2019 trends for those companies that generate audiovisual content or that have integrated it into their global strategy.

SEO TRENDS on Amazon

One of essential SEO TRENDS2019 is going to be the positioning in Amazon. More than half of consumers search for products directly on Amazon, avoiding general search engines such as Google. We have been warning about the importance of SEO TRENDS in Amazon, since a proper positioning of the products in the driver of the search engine will depend on its visibility and, therefore, that sales will be generated. With the rise of virtual voice assistants, with Alexa and the smart speakers that make it up, Echo, in the lead, being well positioned in Amazon will be crucial for sales, since in voice commerce the single result will be aimed at a wide range of products, especially those that fall into the category of high turnover goods.

Doing SEO TRENDS for a large marketplace is not only focused on the optimization of content around one or several keywords, factors such as customer ratings, comments, the volume and speed of sales, the quality of the images or the price. In the case of Amazon, the one in charge of determining which products it shows in the Buy box to the clients is Algorithm A9. To determine the product range, A9 considers the CTR, the conversion rate, the inventory, the order processing, the pricing policy or the health of the seller’s account, among other aspects. To deepen more on the subject, we invite you to take a look at our post “SEO TRENDS on Amazon, definitive guide to position products.”

Content clusters

The clusters of content have to do with the topics of our blog or web, and with the organization of information, which should be grouped around the central theme, which is called pillar. While keywords are still crucial, grouping content by subject or category creates a network of internal links that favors navigation and the permanence of time on the page. It would be similar to a domestic link building in which, through related themes or complementary to each of the main pillars, the user’s browsing experience is enriched, while access to information related to the content that is provided is facilitated. It is the user’s interest.

Keep in mind that the group of contents that is established around the pillars will respond to a more significant long tail (because these are more specific or specific aspects on a more general topic). In addition, each component must be linked to each of the pages of the cluster and each page of the group using the same hyperlinked keyword, so that if one of the contents works well, the entire group receives a boost. Although this practice is not new, we point to content clusters as one of the SEO TRENDS 2019 trends given the importance it is acquiring, since it is the way search engines have to recognize us as experts within a category, something that, without a doubt, will favor the positioning.

Blockchain SEO TRENDS

The adoption of blockchain technology is increasing. So far, it is known to be the technology that is behind the cryptocurrencies, but it is applicable (and with great potential) to many sectors besides the financial one. As companies begin to adopt blockchain, they will need to integrate it into their websites, which involves both developers and SEO TRENDS specialists, in terms of how the blockchain transaction information will be displayed. The Schema project is already working on Schema Markup for blockchain certificates and user ID profiles, so we can say that it is a terrain in which we must learn to play and that it is necessary to contemplate the blockchain between SEO TRENDS 2019 trends, at least as a starting point.

The blockchain SEO TRENDS is still a field in development, but it is essential to start working now to discover how to adapt the positioning strategies to meet the needs of this innovative technology: blockchain platforms are increasing, and you have to start thinking about their integration in the webs, as well as to work on protocols that incorporate information of blockchain transactions . This technology is based on the elimination of intermediaries on the Internet, thanks to the decentralization of data and its distribution among all the people who use it, is like a public database that is stored in what is known as a “chain of blocks.” It is an immutable and permanent record, which cannot be modified or deleted, to which only information can be added.

Fred Algorithm

Although it is an update that Google launched in 2017, it was the last important one and still has much weight in the way of doing SEO TRENDS, so we want to contemplate it among SEO TRENDS 2019 trends. Fred is not an algorithm designed to position, but to penalize. Try to eliminate SEO TRENDS black hat, link exchanges, and excessive advertising.

To be happy with Fred, it is convenient that our link building strategies are of very high quality, bet on the link baiting whenever possible. Needless to say, we must avoid the black hat SEO TRENDS or approach any red line that pretends to deceive the search engine. The links of camouflaged affiliates, the excessive load of ads on a page, Adsense ads of deceptive aesthetics and, in short, any act that involves a trap to obtain traffic at the expense of deceiving the user or hampering navigation will penalize our website, that will fall in its positioning.

As we see, SEO TRENDS 2019 trends are no longer marked only by Google; there are other scenarios that we must contemplate, those large platforms that also have a search engine -either Amazon, Facebook, an app market, etc.- and where we are interested in having visibility as a brand. Logically, as a hegemonic generalist search engine, Google still has a lot to say in terms of SEO TRENDS positioning trends. Although the updates of their algorithms are a mystery and, most of the time, they know each other thanks to the deductions made by the experts in the subject, what is certain is that if we set the same objective as Google (the of or face the best user experience through quality content, transparency, and honesty) we can be sure that there will be no Phantom or Fred to penalize us. Quite the contrary, Google will improve our positioning based on those algorithms or enhancement type updates.

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