Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS is a secured hypertext transfer protocol. It’s been a while Google reinforce all internet users to move WordPress from HTTP to HTTPS domain from onwards. So, why not everyone can use HTTPS on their websites. If you prefer your site to supported with secure HTTPS protocol, then I suggest you should buy an SSL certificate for your site which might cost you from $10 to $100 or even more with a subject to your requirement.

According to the official spokesperson of Google webmaster central blog, regarding on HTTPS. From August 2014, Google considers HTTPS as a ranking signal and will be becoming more and more relevant. Previously, it was not necessary for every site. HTTPS is like encryption, which is technically significant for sites dealing with purchasing processes or sensitive client information, to increase trust and conversion rates.

However, at Google I/O, Google calls for HTTPS everywhere on the web. Almost every webmaster is adopting HTTPS, which is also known as HTTP over TLS, where TLS is transport layer security. You can purchase a single or multi-domain or a wildcard SSL certificate. Google recommends you to use 2048 bit key documents. Furthermore, there are several other recommendations from Google. Let’s check for the security level of Newegg website using this Qualys Lab Tool. “Newegg” is an e-commerce website, and it sells computer parts and many other things interrelated to electronics.



Get Free SSL Certificate From lets Encrypt

If you added a product to a cart in newegg.com website. Once you add the product to the vehicle, you can see in the address bar, that the normal newegg.com has got converted into HTTPS. This will show you that, this is a secured page and the details, which you provide on this page, will be ensured and protected. Using SSL Labs, I checked for newegg.com for the security grid, and the result was Grade A. By using Qualys SSL Labs Tool you can review the HTTPS security of any domain. For an ordinary blog or a news website, HTTPS or SSL certificate is not desirable. However, when Google says that it is a ranking factor, it’s advisable to buy an SSL certificate for every website.

HTTPS as a Ranking Factor

According to 2016 research data, approximately half of WebPages in top 10 and one-third of WebPages in top 20 uses HTTPS encryption. Furthermore, Google announced that websites which don’t change to HTTPS by 2017 would be marked as unsafe in the Chrome browser. This will continue to promote the status of HTTPS as a ranking factor. Above all the correlation factor has increased from 5% to 19%, which is higher than that for search volume of a domain name. There are numerous websites, which provides you with SSL certificates and you can buy them for per year.

As per pricing packages of GoDaddy, it offers you SSL certificate for $63 per year for a single domain or 1 website. If you wish for SSL certificate for multiple areas, then you have to pay $135 per year, and these rates vary from site to site. For example; Rapid SSL provides you a single domain SSL certificate for just $50, which is around 13$ slighter than GoDaddy. Namecheap.com, this website offers you an SSL certificate for per domain basis for only 9$ per year.

Get Free SSL from Cloudflare

Some websites like Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare offer you free, necessary SSL certificates. So based on the SSL certificate which you buy and based on the features or protection it provides, the price varies according to website to website or SSL certificate provider to provider. However, I recommend you to buy an SSL certificate. While you buy the domain or hosting from your hosting provider, which will provide you a slightly easier integration and configuration.

In short, HTTPS will provide you with a more significant user trust experience. Especially for websites with security payments such as e-commerce websites and it protects against hacks. It will also offer you ranking advantages in Google search results. However, there are also some disadvantages. Implementing HTTPS inside your website is a time-intensive process because it’s certificate based.

First of all, you should buy an SSL certificate for e-commerce websites. Moreover, Google recommends you to buy TLS certificate, which is also termed as SSL plus certificates. Although there are many platforms from where you can get a free SSL or TLS certificate, the implementation is a time-consuming one, and it requires the alteration of the link structure of your entire website. Furthermore, there are more probabilities for speed lose; it means your page speed may decrease a bit, which also means that page loading time may increase a bit.


If your page loading time increases then it negatively affects your search engine ranking. Once you have installed HTTPS in your website, then you should move to a little bit powerful server such as VPS or cloud hosting.


If you visit the website of Wikipedia, it has completely moved from HTTP to HTTPS. Whenever you search for Wikipedia, the URL in the search result appears as HTTPS. This is why I recommend you too, to move to HTTPS to get a boost in search engine ranking.

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