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Traditionally, a social network has been defined as a set of people who have links to each other, whether by business, friendship, work and kinship.

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How Do Marketers Measure The Success of Social Media Campaigns ?

Five Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Inbound Marketing Plan There are hundreds of possible metrics and analytics of Inbound Marketing to choose from, and most of them measure something that...

Impact of Social Networks on Venezuelan Politics

What is Social Media? Social networks are the future of communication, a magazine of internet-based tools and platforms that increase and improve the sharing of information. This new medium makes the transfer...

Social Media Marketing: 10 Secret Things you Didn’t Know About

How To Build an Online Social Media Marketing Empire Social media marketing empire, is the dream of many bloggers. Few of us come even succeed.Having a popular blog is just one insignificant...

Facebook search Traffic and Different Ways to Recover

I Bet You Would Love This! Facebook search has changed their algorithm. It doesn't mean that you can't get traffic from them. The first tip I have for you, and I got...

How to Start a Blog To Make Money online in 2018

How To Start a Blog and Focus on Long-Term Strategy Now we are going to decide how to start a blog. When you are building a successful blog, it should be something...
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